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We create and publish content intended to empower and inform a wide range of Fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner who has never lifted a dumbbell before, or a gym-rat, we work hard to bring you the most relevant and positive content on the web.

SquatHub is a collection of the best health and fitness ideas around the web. Before you make your contribution to SquatHub, please be sure you have carefully read and understood our internal rules.

SquatHub Rules

Here are the rules we live by. They are constantly updated and improved.

1. Add value with your content

Our top criteria for a post or image to be approved is to add value to our community. There are several ways to add value to SquatHub:

  • Submitting an informative article or image;
  • Providing expanded insight;
  • Explaining a thoughtful counter-point in a respectful way.

2. Don’t be rude

SquatHub is meant to be a place of empowerment, thoughtful collaboration, encouragement, and learning.

We will not tolerate personal attacks, hate speech, rude language or anything our editorial staff considers detrimental to the SquatHub community.

3. We reserve some rights

We reserve the right to delete any post we choose. We also reserve the right to block any IP address that violates any of these internal rules from posting, subscribing, or accessing the SquatHub website.

4. Be responsable

When submitting a post or an image on SquatHub you take full responsibility for it. You agree to hold SquatHub, all post authors, and other users harmless.

5. Our language is English

We create and publish content in English. We’re thrilled if you are a German or French speaker who can understand and gain value from the SquatHub content. However, we can’t handle multiple languages for the moment, so please add content written only in English.

This includes posts and descriptions written in English. If you’re submitting images, make sure the text they contain is in English too.

Any content our moderators are unable to understand will be deleted. This includes images and posts written in English with very poor spelling and grammar.

6. No porn here

The SquatHub website is NOT directed to children under 15. But this doesn’t mean you’re free to add adult content. While we understand that nudes might be a way to illustrate the human body, porn content is prohibited.

If you really need to add content that isn’t suitable for all users, you must mark the content as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

So don’t submit pornographic content! Nudes are welcome as long as they are marked as NSFW and don’t display exposed genitals.

7. Don’t spam

We hate it. We hate it more than we do sore days.

Any post, comment, or image you submit just to promote a product or website will be deleted, marked as spam, and eventually your account will be deleted.

Also, repetitive content will also be deleted. If you enjoy an article and want to add it to SquatHub, check if it isn’t there already. If it’s there, you can save it in one of your groups.

Last update: February 25, 2017