Inflammation is one of the most common health issues we face nowadays. And since it’s not a single area problem, there are numerous remedies for different types of inflammations.


Here are 20 simple remedies to help reduce inflammation right away:

  1. Use zinc rich foods to treat bloating.
  2. Eat more fresh fish and fish oil if you suffer from belching.
  3. Vitamin D can help reduce burning skin.
  4. Probiotics fight against under eye dark circles and bags.
  5. If you have itchy ears and eyes, you should focus on getting only organic, GMO free foods.
  6. An allergen free diet could help get rid of diarrhea.
  7. For constipation opt for coconut and palm oil.
  8. Eliminate all trans fats from your diet to get rid of cramping.
  9. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to joint pain and stiffness. So make sure you exercise regularly in order to combat joint inflammation.
  10. Yoga might be the solution to muscle spasm and twitching.
  11. Remove fatigue from your body by performing daily meditation.
  12. If you have memory problems, then try biofeedback therapy.
  13. Rash, hives and acne can be cured with massage.
  14. Don’t use microwaves if you want to avoid a scaly, rough skin.
  15. Eating more greens can help get rid of cough and sore throat.
  16. Your body might be missing omega-3 fatty acids when you have a stuffy or runny nose.
  17. Spices can increase your appetite.
  18. When you have fever or chills, try to stay away from refined sugars.
  19. Antioxidants are a simple remedy for headaches.
  20. And, of course, you can treat water retention, edema, or puffiness with a high intake of electrolyzed water.


Now these tips can be really helpful when you face some of these situations, so make sure to save this post and use it when you need it later.