Welcome into the SquatHub family.

Here, at SquatHub, we’re trying to share the best workouts, recipes, health and fitness tips and hacks that matter to us. Hopefully, you’ll find these articles as useful as we do.

Our Vision On SquatHub

Here’s what we’re trying to accomplish:

1. Quality First

We like quality. We focus on quality and try to deliver quality. All the posts are handpicked or previously checked and approved by our editors.

This is the reason you can’t just publish the content you want before it gets approved by an editor. Sorry about this, but the quality fades away when everyone can publish any kind of content (the reason why all big social networks are full of spammy content).

2. User Power

We like you. Honestly, before all, we’re also users at SquatHub. And we want the users to have the power in this family.

But since we’re at the beginning, we’re experimenting things to make everything work as smooth as possible.

In the end, we want you, the USER, to have the power to vote for every major change in SquatHub community.

3. No Ads

We don’t like ads. I mean, NO ONE LIKES ADS. Since we’re on your side, we won’t display ads if you don’t want to.

You can opt out from your settings page. But we’re more than thankful to those who let the ads run, since they keep SquatHub’s servers up and running. Thank you all!

4. No Recommendations

We don’t want recommendations. All the big social networks are full of recommended content. Here, at SquatHub, we don’t recommend anything. What you follow is what you see.

5. No Clickbait

If any post links to an off site article, you will find there the image, or at least the article will describe the content found in the image.

We won’t add an image just to attract clicks, but to represent the content found inside the article it links to. The image is a preview of what you can find when you go to the external link.

Last update: April 19, 2018